Shikari Shambu's Escapades (Tinkle Collection)
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Luis Fernandes

Shikari Shambu's Escapades (Tinkle Collection)

Page count: 72
Language: English

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B1 (Intermediate)

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Beginner (A1)
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• While Shambu steals the gifts meant for Shanti’s sister, a langur wreaks havoc in the town. What happens when Shambu meets the langur? Find out inThe Looting Langur.

• Shambuhas been tasked with catching a man-eater in the forest.And unknown to him, there are also two poachers looking to catch Shambu. Who will catch whom first? Check out.

• Shambu’s nephew Vivekcoaxes Shambu to organize a summer camp for him and his friends. But camping out in the forest turns out to be more trouble than what Shambu signed up for in Shambu’s Summer Camp

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